About the Pack 195

Learn about the Pack - past and present.

Who are we

The Pack currently consists of 1st - 5th grade boys from Somerset area (from SMS and other public/private schools). We have had Lion (Kindergarten age boys) before. We are also open to starting Girl Dens, if there is an interest.


Current Pack Leadership:

Cubmaster - Timothy Belloff

Committee Chair - Meredith Kollmer

Sponsoring Org Rep - Fr. Abraham

Treasurer - Keith Weber

Training Coordinator - Gina Weber

Den Leaders - Peter Kostik, Dan Gregorio, Oliver Chavez, Ryan Hunt, Dolores Belloff, Dom Migliorisi

(for previous leadership see P195 Leadership sheet in Files)


The Pack history is being worked on...

Privacy Notice

  • At this time we do not collect information on visitors to our web site and have no plans to do so. If this policy changes, you will be informed before such information is collected.

  • We do not post the names of any of our Scouts in the public areas of this web site without explicit written permission.

  • We do not post photos of any Scout without written parental permission, which is granted on the annual/trip permission slips.

  • We do not publicly post the email addresses of any of our Scouts. The website CMS software is also designed so that automated robots cannot scour this website and harvest email addresses.

  • We may distribute, to registered members of the Pack via this site and/or via email, pack rosters with names and contact information. When we do so, they will be password protected or encoded, as technology permits.

  • We do use this web site and email to communicate with Scouts and parents, and recommend that parents monitor their son's use of the Internet and email. Good sites for parents to read are http://www.safekids.com and http://www.safeteens.com which deal with safety and the information highway - the Internet.